Who we are

"Action is the foundational key to all success"
- Pablo Picasso

The story goes that Belinda Steyn, being a liberated woman decided that instead of taking her husband's surname when getting married or (bless him) making him take hers, she'd look for a neutral family name that they both could adopt.

Her mother-in-law mentioned that her mother was a Quigley and this over Planting, Webster, Benallic, McClean or Visser had a rather special ring to it. As liberated as she was, Belinda ended up losing the name change battle and became a Steyn on her wedding day. But she was never comfortable with letting Quigley go and so when looking for a name for her new business venture, Quigley took first prize.

Now Belinda is a woman of many talents but spelling was never one of them and so... Quiglies Solutions was born in a small house in Woodstock in 1998.