the team

"Genius is more often found in a cracked pot than in a whole one"
- E. B. White

Steven Steyn

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Steve, the VERY big boss of Quiglies Solutions is a man of many talents. He is fiercely brave (not only in business) and has been known to show a 200-strong wedding reception in Dublin how to do Riverdance! He is a fair man, giving each of the loyal Quiglians an equal dose of grief and his kindness knows no bounds except when it’s his turn to make coffee! Steve is a trendsetter not only in business but on the road too, driving a super-cool navy blue mum's car of which he is not afraid. Steve loves his corner post in the office from which he surveys the calm of all the Quiglians and he dreams of one day being the head coach for the Springboks instead of running Quiglies which, nevertheless he manages extremely well! Besides Riverdance, Steve is passionate about his job, particularly the development/programming space.

Ricardo Thomas

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Ricardo is a friendly, honest and down to earth dude with an inherent talent for charming the socks off all he comes into contact with. Look up good-natured in any dictionary and you'll see a photo of Ricardo grinning like the Cheshire cat who caught the cream. He's a true Cape Tonian at heart and if he didn't have to work (and if his wife allowed) he’s spend his days taking in the rays on the beach, cold beer in hand. But alas, he does have to work, and he does a really great job too by helping the consultants find fantastic people for all sorts of roles.

Lisa Muir

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Lisa A.K.A the ''the gentle one” speaks her mind freely, is always straight down the line and is full of fun and laughter. Ask any Quiglian, you always know where you stand with Lisa! From a client and candidate perspective, Lisa is a lot like a dog with a bone, never letting go until she finds them what they are looking for. Her  tenacious attitude is very apparent in her highly successful client base and she is an integral and invaluable part of the Quiglies team. Lisa has many years of international and local IT recruitment experience to complement her dedication to service excellence.

Chrizelcia Molusi

Chrizelcia Molusi

Without Chrizelcia Quiglies would come to a grinding halt. She is responsible for making sure the consultants’ every whim is seen to plus running a support function for Tanya on the admin side of things. Chrizelcia aspires to, and will achieve great things in life as she constantly looks to improve herself and can be found hitting the books more often than not. She has a brilliant sense of humour, is unflappable and has an excellent attitude to life in general.

Belinda Steyn

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Belinda (or Bingy) is the founding member of Quiglies Solutions. She started the company in 1998 on her own and it has since progressed into a well respected IT recruitment business employing some 11 people. Belinda's love of life coupled with her excellent (but wicked) sense of humour and determination to make things work, are at the heart of Quiglies’ success today. Anybody who has had the fortune to meet her will attest to her bubbly, naughty nature but beware, as she can be a task master of the first order and definitely likes things done correctly. Bingy now spends the bulk of her time bringing up three "chislers" and this has taught her patience which was never her strong point. Thankfully for Quiglies, Bingy is still involved in the strategy of the company and her portfolio also encompasses company incentives and leisure. She can always be coaxed into having a drink or two around 5pm and is happiest surrounded by good friends.

Tanya Steyn

Chrystina Jacobson Email Chrystina Jacobson

An absolute privilege to work with, Chrystina enjoys the fast pace at Quiglies and contributes towards it being "The Best Recruitment Agency" environment, with her optimistic and speedy nature. She takes great care of her candidates ensuring she matches their needs well and provides them with some awesome career opportunities. Loved most about Chrystina is her laughter coming from the other end of the office. She's outrageously funny, very generous and sincere. If she were to win the lotto she would give most of it away.

Tanya Steyn

Nazira Afghan Email Nazira Afghan

Miss Pietermaritzberg - is our fashionista, trend setter. The same outfit twice is a definite no no! Don't be fooled by her sweet, shy appearance - you know the saying - still waters run deep! Nazira is no push over. She has steely determination and will not let obstacles stand in her way. She will greet you every morning with twinkling eyes and a huge grin ready to take on the day. Our trend setter, aside for her passion for fashion, has an enthusiasm for life that is hard to ignore. She will move heaven and earth for you!