career tips

"Information's pretty thin stuff unless mixed with experience"
- Clarence Day

While a CV won't get you a job, it can definitely secure the interview and then you’re immediately off to a good start. Although our experienced consultants will help to fine-tune your CV, here are some basic Quiglian tips on putting together a CV that can get you noticed and position you as a candidate that must be met:

  • Include all your qualifications, providing dates completed, the institution and the qualification obtained.
  • Provide as much as detail about your experience but at the same time don’t write a story! Capture what you want to say in point form and use short, clear sentences. Include the positions you’ve held, specific responsibilities, notable achievements and dates of employment.
  • It’s always a good idea to try and quantify with numbers whenever possible. For example, if you have held a management position, state how many people reported to you or if you were responsible for increasing profits, state by what percentage.
  • Remember to check the sequence of all dates provided and be sure that you can explain any time gaps that you have in your CV.
  • And finally, pay attention to the appearance of your CV. Keep special effects to a minimum and include as much white space as possible. Remember – the employer probably has to read a number of different CVs so making your’s easy to read will definitely work in your favour. Proof reading is a must – punctuation, spelling or typing errors are a no-no.